I can't download images now...



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    Hi there!

    Please read the latest announcements on top of the front page, we explain it there. But in short, it's temporary and we will make webP's optional soon.

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  • redbeard

    thank you... but I just read the top five posts under "what you are working on" on main page. I don't see anything about not being able to download posts/images.

    BTW: Now I'm able to download JPGs. This happened a few days ago, and then it reverted and once again I only got webP's.

    So is this sporadic? Is this a short-term or a long drawn-out fix.


    thanks again for your reply,


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  • Support Bdsmlr


    Bit further down :). WebP is the keyword.

    Here it is: 

    Some of you have noticed and asked why some images are now in webP format. We experienced quite the traffic spike back in the weekend and thanks to it the image load performance went down. We're currently mirroring all of our storage to ensure that faster image serving but while we're running that process it puts extra stress into our image servers. To deal with it we temporarily enabled webP format for larger files (that means that the image size can be 10x smaller), resulting in faster page loads and better performance while browsing, less bandwidth usage while browsing plus less stress for our image servers as well. We will make webP's optional in the coming days once the mirroring is done so you can choose between faster page loads / having the possibility to view all images in their original format if you prefer that instead. "

    We had some server issues few days back which postponed this a bit, but we will roll out the optional webP / the original format as soon as possible. When that's done you can decide yourself would you like to have faster site performance and less bandwidth usage or would you like to see the original posts instead.

    Hope that helps!

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