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    Support Bdsmlr

    Happy to hear you like it!

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  • Snidely W.

    I extensively use the Archive function to browse my old posts to try not to post the same thing twice. The date sorting should make my searching easier. Thanks, Bdsmlr!

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  • J.J.

    I am sorry, but I am really unhappy with this change. If some People like this, good for them.

    Please  leave me the option to see my Archive in a clear overview. I do not want to scroll down

    my posts until the end of time....


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  • Support Bdsmlr


    We already have done that :). Go into your settings, direct link (when you're logged in) and check "Disable Infinite Scroll in Archives" plus save.


    That's it, now you have the page numbers back and you can navigate using the pages instead of infinite scrolling. 

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