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    Support BDSMLR

    Added with the possibility to bulk edit captions as well.

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  • Felm Cyber

    Yes. Especially with the 35k posts imported from the site that shall not be named, and that lost all their tags :(

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  • Captions4Me2

    I agree totally. I signed up for Zendesk just to support this request. I had over 55,000 posts on the previous site, and this feature was a HUGE timesaver. Or at least allow us to copy and paste a list of tags under the edit function. Typing out 5-10 tags for every post with common themes gets really old.

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  • gmalpic

    it would be nice to be able to filter (serach maybe) our 'posts' before we 'edit' in the mass editor. 

    Having to go through all posts to individually select, one at a time,  a particular tag used, say,  on 50 out of thousands of tags is a bit unworkable.

    Just a thought. 


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  • Viktor Tentakelliebe

    Two years later, and it would still be nice if we could put ‘#’ in front and copy paste “#Huge Breasts #Huge Tits #Huge Boobs #Huge Naturals” all at once and get a bunch of appropriate tags up quickly.

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