Activity log behavior - multiple links




  • Jennie

    Yes. Especially since non image posts show up with a generic icon.

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  • FckMe2Dad

    This OP idea is good, but the second suggestion of LARGER thumbnails, would be great in conjunction. One would like to see which post prompted the like/comment, but not necessarily GO to that post, which after all was ones own, so one will already know it just by seeing the thumbnail. The suggestion of a link under the commenting/liking blogger's name taking one to THAT blog is great. One wants to see what that person, who liked ones post, has also posted on his/her own blog.

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  • Mononc Paul

    Currently, clicking on a "Like" log entry leeds to the referenced post while clicking on the "Reblog" log entry leads to the blog of the person who reblog the post. 

    I would really appreciate being able to look at both places on every log entry.

    I also agree that the thumbnails would be better if bigger.  

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