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  • JoshSlater

    Now, looking at the actual note overlay there are some weirdness going on.

    • Heart icons are not loaded.
    • Reblog icons are not round
    • Reblogs get a grey comment box even when no comment was made.
    • For some reason JD07201990 gets to be listed twice.
    • Comment box is non-obvious, which makes "Send" functionally non-obvious. In the non-blog view it does say "Write your comment" in the text box.

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  • JoshSlater

    Going to the blog page shows a icon tool bar at the top of the screen, shown below, truncated in width. These are nice looking, but for some reason the right set of icons are not vertically centered as the home icon is. The are not only positioned a pixel or two higher, but the icons are taller as well. For some reason the excellent padding done on the left side isn't done to the right.

    But now to the weirdness I really wanted to mention. If you click the permalink for one of the blog posts, the page you end up on has an entirely different top menu. This one is text only, only sits on the right side and doesn't have search or ask a question. It also doesn't put a box across the screen, thus effectively improving the viewing height of the blog view.

    It's nice to be able to A/B test UI like this, and I'm a bit torn. Having the icons steals less attention from the main content than the text does, but the big shadow box doesn't really serve a purpose and just gets in the way of the content when you start scrolling.

    Oh, and the ask a question icon appears to block the entire UI and can't be cancelled if you click on it. Reported.

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