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  • FckMe2Dad

    I second this idea in a big way......if possible.

    As "Chris" says, trying to "read" a discussion in reverse is awkward, and annoying at best. It would be great to be able to "flip" blogs, or archives (pagination in archives makes reading consecutive posts in manual order possible, but still somewhat tedious.)

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  • unusual.fantasies

    Sorting and filtering functions would definitely be a great improvement on the platform for pages like Archive, Search, Personal blog, Personal blog search, Followers, Following, etc.

    Sorting options like: Newest first, Oldest first, Most liked, Image size/dimensions, etc.

    Filtering options like: Post type (text, quotes, image (color), image (b&w), image (animated), video, audio, etc.)

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  • Aforrest999

    I agree it would be an improvement to be able to Sort (and perhaps Filter) based on things like most likes, most reposts, most comments, etc

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  • Multiperv

    Agreed.  Some blog are people telling of a or their journey or stories in bdsm and it would be nice to be able to easily read them in chronological order.

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  • Support BDSMLR

    Just confirming: 

    The request is: 

    Possibility to reverse blog ( while browsing so that the oldest posts can be seen first?

    Absolutely doable and if so we will do it. Just give us feedback if this is what is requested.



    Post types are now covered by the archives. The rest: Most would result to way too heavy processes to put into practice for now. Sites like Google does that, sure. But they are the world's biggest, richest and most advanced search engine which we in no way can match.

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  • Chris

    That is exactly what I wanted and would love it was it implimented!!


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