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    Hi there!

    We indeed close them for the reasons @Sad mentioned, but let's get it opened again, all feedback and ideas are welcomed! :)




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  • Sad

    That's a common way to do it in development so wouldn't blame them ..You review and if it's not coming up, comment and close it. Helps keeping things tidy and manageable. You just can't have them open left and right. Difficult to track and leads easily to non answered messages as they go unnoticed which leads to angry comments about being ignored, been there =D

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  • JoshSlater

    I've been involved in several software projects, so that's why I phrased it as I did. There are pros and cons with closing topics, but we had best success when we allowed people to respond for a while even after we had made a decision. Sometimes people added information that made us change our minds. Sometimes people were disappointed and vented, and it was better to have that in that thread than elsewhere. :)

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