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    Support BDSMLR

    Most likely the reason why Tumblr has not done this and we hesitate to do this is performance. To limit posts from one user to certain amount per feed would need a very complicated setup which would also be extremely heavy for the back end (servers) to process, therefore it's not really doable by us, at least for now. 

    The ability to switch certain blogs off from your feed. That's doable, absolutely. We will be looking into it and it will be coming.

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  • Mat Nats

    The last 3 feature requests all have this same theme: one or two blogs can easily take over a feed. There are a bunch of ways at that problem. Cool suggestion here.

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  • hersto playwith

    If there's no efficient/simple way to prevent the feed from being taken over by a few heavy posting blogs ... it would be great to at least have some tools to make it easier to manually manage one's followed blogs.


    1. Indicate a blogs posts frequency (could be be the number of posts per month, taking into account the last 6 months) .. could be a small number right next to the avatar
    2. Sort the list of followed blogs by total number of posts (easier) ... or post frequency of last x months (more useful)
    3. Automatically group all followed blogs in three categories (heavy, medium, infrequent posters) that can then be selected as the group to be displayed in the feed
    4. Sort the list of followed blogs by the number of liked/reblogged (by yourself) posts
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