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  • Marvin

    Post now would be helpful too :)

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  • Paul

    I believe the post now option already exist. 

    Yes, I'd love to be able to rearrange the order of queued posts. Not just move one to the top. 

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  • Aunt Victoria's Secret Room

    I would really appreciate this feature.

    Often, I visit a blog that has a specific theme - let's say women kissing - and would like to re-blog a number of posts to my queue.  I don't really want to have a long run of just 'women kissing' posts on my blog, I would rather have them interspersed throughout my posts. 

    On tumblr, there was a little button next to each item queued that would move that post to the top.  By moving images to the top selectively, you could re-arrange the content in a particular order, for example, a black-and-white image, a color image, a gif, a text post, etc.

    I know some other people have requested a 'shuffle' feature, which would be more random and offer less control.

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  • Allanjim3

    I agree. Until the queue allows the User the ability to actually schedule uploaded items to post at specific time, this is a key feature.

    As Aunt Victoria’s Secret Room mentioned, the ability to move one item in your queue = the ability to move every item in your queue. This is the first step toward a queue with organized, complementary posts. Thank you AVSR!

    pussy galore, thank you for this request.

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  • billyguitar77

    Move post to the top would be Great.  Also, that Other Platform had 'drag and drop' in queue that let you re-order queued posts, at least they did a few years ago. Once they offered Scheduling, i began using that. Drag and Drop was helpful, could be useful on our BDSMLR queues. If nothing else, 'Move post to TOP' would be great. Thanks!  

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  • Kinkus247

    Yes move to top would be great.

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  • N C

    Please add this.  

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  • Kermit82

    And that's. Yes please from me too.  I sometimes do an introductory text post before a bunch of pictures.  While I can set the time to post the text one hour before the pictures I otherwise don't know it will post in the order I'd like.  This may seem like an nitpicking control issue but I'm like that and that's why I'm here!

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