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    Hi there!

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    You are correct, the tags were always from the original post. We made a change so that they are taken from the post you are reblogging from now on.

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  • w k

    There is settings option for this.  (Click on your account icon,  head and shoulders near top right of page) and choose the "Settings" item (third one down).

    Notice the checkbox for "Retain Tags while reblogging".   I believe this does what you want.

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  • lilsubbie87

    Yes, I have this checked. I've only noticed this issue for when the OP didn't have tags, someone (person b, I'll say) reblogged OPs post, added their own tags, and then when I reblogged "person b" post, their tags were lost. I just assumed it was because the OP didn't have tags. But like I said, it might just be a bug too.

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