AI generated images of children



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    Report the images! 

    Bdsmlr is hosted in USA so they have to comply to USA rules which states that models have to be 18+

    If people report and staff do not delete them, then they are responsible for hosting it and not doing anything about it, to which they could serve a prison sentence.

    Depending on your country it could be illegal just to come across those types of images and have them stored in your cache, So reporting and blocking the person posting them is your best option.

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    If you have to ask, you already know the answer.

    Traditionally, the law is often slow to catch up to new technology, but this doesn't apply, here.

    What you're talking about is illustrated CP.  The method of technology doesn't change this fact.  Illustrated CP is older than the Internet - older than computers.

    You can Google plenty of information about the legality about this (including on Wikipedia), to check the rules for your jurisdiction.  However, since what you're implying is "transmitted" images, then some jurisdiction's rules may apply to you based on where it's received.  If you really want to know more, then you should consult with the highest priced lawyer/barrister you can find, so you can be certain you're getting the best information.

    As for having it here, well, I'm told that sister company has banned a number of blogs that had such content.  I see no reason to think that the same would not, also, apply here.

    Now, you're probably thinking you can get away with it (because that a common thinking among those with this addiction).  Maybe the laws happen to be lax in your jurisdiction - especially depending on the nature of the content.  (There are gray areas depending on different implied purposes of the content.)  But, the more you play with fire, the closer you are to getting burned.

    Furthermore, since there's an abundance of types of stings that law enforcement conduct in this arena, so you could be getting set up, and not even know it until it's too late.

    But, let's suppose you could accumulate a quantity of such material.  Suppose you're careful to just exactly toe the line on legality, in your jurisdiction.  You're still exposing yourself to presumption, and risking your life's reputation.

    Moreover, let's suppose you draw scrutiny for it.  Odds are good that out of the team of police that come to your door, some of them have children, and no sense of humour of this sort of thing.  Your house is thoroughly searched, and all digital equipment is removed for further evidence gathering.  Don't expect the police to have any sympathy for how disruptive this is to you.

    Plus, you'll likely be incarcerated while the evidence is evaluated, and charges are pending.  And if you think police with children will have no sympathy for you, just imagine what your jailmates will think.  Remember, they don't exercise the same kind of restraint that most police do.  It's likely you'll be attacked and injured.  Chances are that some of those injuries may be permanent.

    Think that's hyperbole?  Fact check that with Google, too.

    Maybe when it goes to trial, you'll be able to get off with a technicality, depending how well you've paid your team of attorneys.  You'll still have the charges on your record.  And, now, you'll be a red hot target for future law enforcement stings.

    Now, you've exhausted your life savings on lawyers, are left with injuries from your stay in jail, and you're now more likely to targeted to go through all of this, again.  Oh, and good luck finding viable employment with that reputation.

    It just all doesn't seem worth it for a few images.

    Just delete them.  Clear all history of them from browsers and hard drives.  And don't look back.  It's just not worth it.

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