How do I edit my blog title / description / avatar / cover?




  • billyguitar77

    Here’s an unofficial answer from a fellow user- I believe the default avatar for bdsmlr blogs is a set of handcuffs...until you upload your own avi. I see Lots of public blogs with the generic handcuffs as the avi.

    Perhaps this image was initially chosen  because bdsmlr began as a bdsm fetish blog -and probably still serves many bdsm blogs...tho the influx of tumblr refugees over the past year and a half has no doubt skewed / mainstreamed the user base. 

    You probably want to double check your blog settings- found by clicking the human icon. Pretty sure the default setting is for a Public blog. You can make your blog private, but I’m pretty sure you have to click a specific box to do so.

    Once you choose and upload your avi, the placeholder handcuffs should be replaced. Once again, I believe they represent kink, not a privacy setting. hth 😊🎸

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  • Mental Iocaine

    Is there any way to use a carriage return in the description? I'd like to separate my thoughts instead of forcing them into a single rambling paragraph.

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  • Support BDSMLR

    Mental Iocaine yes. You can use <br> (html tag) 

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